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Medical Supply Store - Careway Wellness Center

  • Aids To Daily Living

    Aids to Daily Living (ADL) are items designed for individuals who need assistive devices because of a physical impairment. There are literally hundreds of products and devices that serve to make a person with a challenged life less challenging and more independent. ADLs are often small, inexpensive products that have been designed specifically to assist injured or permanently disabled individuals lead more independent lives by making everyday tasks like dressing, eating and drinking, personal care or housekeeping chores easier to accomplish.  Careway Wellness Center caters to seniors and those individuals with permanent disabilities or going through a rehabilitation process.  At Careway Wellness Center you will find an experienced and well trained sales staff ready to serve their clients with quality ADL products and explanations as to how to use the products.  Our goal at Careway, when it comes to Aids to Daily Living, is to enable people to maximize their independence and remain active despite any limitations they may face.

  • Bathroom Safety

    At Careway Wellness Center, we carry a complete line of quality Bathroom Safety products, for the toilet, bath and shower. This is understandably, one of Careway’s most active departments, Facts reveal that about one third of the elder population over the age of 65 falls each year, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age.  At 80 years of age over half of seniors fall annually. Further, about half (53%) of older adults who are discharged for fall related hip-fractures will experience another fall within six months. The majority of these falls occur in the bathroom, which is the most dangerous part of the home for the likelihood of accidents.  At Careway, one can find all types of bathroom safety equipment that can be used to make the bathroom a safer part of your home.

Careway Wellness Center, your Trusted Medical Supply Store.

Welcome to Careway Wellness Center and our Online Medical Supply Store. We offer a complete source of quality medical supply products for active, independent living and personal health care. If your looking for a medical supply of any type, our in store inventory includes a wide selection of items in several categories; such as, bathroom safety, aids to daily living, compression stockings, mobility aids, orthopedic supports, etc. Our award winning medical supply store is located in Woburn Center, Massachusetts, but if you cannot visit our retail location, we invite you to use our Online Store for your shopping. Click on this link “Shop Online” or the above Shop Online Tab to see a sampling of the quality medical supply products and services we have to offer.