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Ideal for shallow wounds with minimal drainage.
Odorshield Sacral dressings are ideal for shallow sacral wounds with minimal drainage.
Absorbs odor with cyclodextrin technology 1,2
Not inactivated by wound protein2
Manages drainage3
Longer wear time
Low residue formula4
Protective, occlusive barrier
Satin finish backing
Indications: pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, leg ulcers, donor sites, wounds with light to moderate drainage, lacerations and abrasions, and first and second-degree burns.
Contraindications: third-degree burns
May be left in place for up to 7 days; Dressing change requency will depend on amount of drainage.
1. Lipman RDA, Van Bavel D. Odor absorbing hydrocolloid dressings for direct wound contact. Wounds. 2007;19(5):138-146.
2. Lipman R, Van Bavel D, Chakravarthy D. Odorabsorbing hydrocolloid dressings that are not inactivated by serum protein. Presentedat Symposium on Advanced Wound Care. Tampa, FL. 2007.
3. Absorption properties of some commercial hydrocolloid dressings, compared to Exuderm OdorShield. Internalreport. May 5, 2006.
4. Data on file.

Weight0.094 lbs
Dimensions4.000 × 4.750 × 1.500 in
Latex Free






Odor Control Product


Product Brand

Exuderm Odorshield

Dressing Change Frequency/Use

Max: 7 Day: Check Drainage

Length Inches



2" X 2", Box of 10, 4" X 4", Box of 10, 6" X 6", Box of 5, 4" X 3.6", Box of 10, 6.4"X6.5", Box of 5, 8" X 8", Box of 5


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