EZ-Access EZ-Shampoo Inflatable Portable Sink Basin

  • An inflatable vinyl shampoo basin designed for in-bed use
  • The caregiver can conveniently shampoo and rinse the patient’s hair without lifting and straining
  • Provides secure form-fitting support that cushions the head and shoulders
  • Includes a built-in inflatable headrest that can be adjusted to desired firmness
  • An attached one-way drain hose easily and conveniently removes suds and water
  • No-spill design prevents splashing
  • Lightweight and compact for take-anywhere portability and convenient storage
  • Custom drain stopper at the base of the flexible one-way drain hose

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Inflatable Portable Sink Basin

The patented EZ-SHAMPOO is so simple, fast and comfortable it’s head and shoulders above the rest. The unique EZ-SHAMPOO inflatable basin fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for patients confined to bed. When inflated by mouth or air pump, the specially designed EZ-SHAMPOO is a secure, form fitting basin that comfortably cushions the patient’s neck and shoulders. A conventional drain hose efficiently removes soap suds and water from the basin. All that’s required for cleanup is to towel dry the rinsed out sink, deflate, and fold up for prompt storage in a space as small as a folded towel. It’s that easy!

Weight1.85 lbs
Dimensions11.25 × 9.5 × 2 in