Non Slip Socks

  • 13″ &  15″ not available.
  • Constructed of plush terry cloth material
  • Tread design for maximum gripping traction to help eliminate patient falls
  • Latex Free



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Non Slip Socks

Care Steps Non Slip Socks by Invacare are soft terry slipper socks that offer you warmth, comfort, and protection from slips and falls. Non-skid treads on the bottom Care Steps Socks keep you safe by improving traction on slippery surfaces. Care Steps Non Slip Socks are great for fall prevention in a hospital or at home and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time thanks to the breathable fabric. These non-skid socks are perfect for your acute care, outpatient and long term care patients!

Care Step Non Slip socks are made from a durable combination of ultra-soft acrylic and stretch yarns. The slip-resistant soles are designed to help reduce patient injuries and increase traction while navigating smooth, slick surfaces. Invacare Non Slip Socks are both Colorfast and machine washable and best of all, Care Steps Socks are easy to get on and off thanks to the elastic ankle band. They are easy to launder and exceptional for cold weather environments. Sizing is approximate, if unsure on sizing, we recommend you order the larger size rather than the smaller, as they are more likely to accommodate the feet.

Color & Size

Blue / Medium, Beige / Large, Grey / Extra Large