FLA Orthopedics Universal Soft Fit Thumb Spica Support Brace

  • Comfortable thumb spica immobilizes the thumb joint and provides wrist support
  • Made of compression-formed foam with no seams
  • Self wicking lining absorbs perspiration
  • Elastic closure straps enable easy application and removal
  • Fits right or left thumb


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Soft Fit Thumb Spica

The Soft Fit Thumb Spica is anatomically-designed to limit the motion of the thumb joint, immobilize the wrist and prevent rotation. This comfortable Thumb Spica (thumb splint) immobilizes the thumb joint and provides a degree of comfort and support to the wrist. Made of compression-formed foam with no seams, this semi-rigid material provides lightweight immobilization to the injured thumb while maintaining maximum comfort. The splint is comfortable and easy-to-apply, and it allows for full use of the fingers while immobilizing the thumb joint. This Thumb Spica is ideal for the treatment of pain associated with arthritis, deQuervain’s Syndrome, tendinitis, as well as for treating common thumb injuries such as sprains, strains and Gamekeeper’s Thumb. This splint is also indicated for use following cast-removal.

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions8.75 × 4.75 × 2 in