FLA Orthopedics EZ-ON Wrap-Around Ankle Support

  • Open heel, simple wrap design allows quick and easy on / off.
  • Double elastic straps simulate figure 8 taping of the ankle for medial, lateral and arch support.
  • Sports neoprene provides therapeutic warmth and even compression around swollen, tender ankles.
  • Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes.


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Wrap-Around Ankle Support

The EZ-ON Wrap Around Ankle Support is breathable and lightweight compression brace that stabilizes ankles that are weak or recovering from injury. The sports neoprene material applies a consistent compression, helpful for those with swollen or sprained ankles, various sports injuries or osteoarthritis. A heat-retaining polymer, the neoprene traps body heat, creating a blanket of therapeutic warmth which lessens ankle pain and fosters healing. The top of the FLA Orthopedics wrap around ankle support is made from Tri-Permalon™, which circulates air while allowing heat to dissipate gradually. An elastic wrap-around ankle strap applies additional compression that is easily adjustable. Wrapping in a figure-eight pattern, the EZ-ON mimics an athletic taping, providing support to the ankle’s medial and lateral sides. The combination of sports neoprene and Tri-Permalon™ maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night so users can wear the brace to control edema and ankle pain while they sleep. Color: Black.

Weight.35 lbs
Dimensions10.75 × 5.5 × 2.75 in

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