Prestige Medical

Prestige Medical is a manufacturer of professional diagnostic instruments and accessories to the healthcare community. Over 40 years ago, Prestige Medical pioneered the concept of pairing diagnostic medical instruments and nursing accessories with medical uniforms in retail uniform stores across the USA. Specializing in unique color choices, fashionable accessories, and patented designs, Prestige Medical continually innovates and enables the personalization of healthcare instruments.  Prestige Medical has built a strong reputation with nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals in the USA and globally as we have expanded our innovative personalization of healthcare instruments concept to six continents. A relentless focus on stethoscopes, aneroid sphygmomanometers, pulse oximeters, digital blood pressure monitors, medical apparel, medical tools, and nursing accessories makes Prestige Medical the industry leader in outfitting medical professionals. We love Prestige Medical at Careway Wellness Center because we have a very good Uniform business and we have tons of nurses coming into our store to buy scrubs and accessories.  Nurses are always browsing the Prestige Medical line of products  for the latest colors and styles in stethoscopes and other nurses tools.

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