Clearly Natural

The Clearly Natural line of personal care products offers a natural, environmentally friendly way to care for your body. Since the early 1970s, the Clearly Natural Company has had a single goal in mind and that is to provide the highest quality personal care products possible. Their products are made with only premium, quality natural ingredients. Amongst their line of products, which is mostly made up of several environmentally friendly home care products, they manufacture a wonderful hand sanitizer lotion that has a natural, clear, fresh citrus odor. The hand sanitizer works immediately, killing 99.9% of the most common disease causing germs. The sanitizer is ideal to have when soap and water are not available.  It leaves no harmful residue and is non-toxic.  The hand sanitizer has a fresh, clean citrus fragrance and repeated use will not dry skin.  Careway Wellness Center has carried the hand sanitizer for years and recommends it highly.  It can be purchased at Careway’s retail store in Woburn, Massachusetts or it can be conveniently ordered online.

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