The Chattanooga company is a division of DJO Global.  Among the more popular products that Chattanooga manufactures are Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs. The Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs are very popular moist heat packs because they are cost effective and very easy to use. The Hydrocollator HotPack provides 30 minutes of deep, soothing, moist heat per application. Moist heat is recommended for muscular pain. The Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs come in various sizes to fit every body contour and it is a natural product. The Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPac can be quickly heated in a pot of hot water and it does not require commercial equipment to heat. When sufficiently heated, the HotPac may be applied to the affected body part.  Careway Wellness Center carries Hydrocollator HotPacs in various sizes for purchase in  their retail store in Woburn, Massachusetts or they can be conveniently ordered online.