Everyone is familiar with the 3M company.  They are noted for their Scotch Tape, Post-It Notes and hundreds of other products and product categories.  Among their most popular products are healthcare items such as stethoscopes, Coban or elastic bandages,face masks, supports, etc.  When you browse our website and come across a 3M product, you have the guarantee that the product is manufactured under the most stringent manufacturing procedures possible…that’s how 3M has gained such a superlative reputation throughout the world. One healthcare product that you will certainly know is their elastic bandage, which is generically referred to as an ACE Bandage. 3M’s product is called Coban and can be used as a wrap to support most any part of an injured body part, such as an ankle, knee or wrist. Coban or Ace Bandages are always in stock at Careway Wellness Center.  So if you live in the vicinity of Woburn Center and are looking to buy an Ace Bandage, come into our retail location. Or, you can conveniently purchase Ace Bandages on line.