Tena Day Light Pads

  • DRY-FAST Dual Core™ with superabsorbent microbeads
  • Light and airy, 2-piece Pad & Pant System should be secured with breathable TENA® Reusable Knit Pants
  • Contoured core for comfort and protection
  • Wetness indicator to alert caregivers
  • Soft, nonwoven backsheet is gentle and discreet
  • Oval-shaped elastics conform to your body
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Tena Day Light Pads

The Tena Day Light Pad is designed for mild to moderate bladder control protection and the superabsorbent material gels fluid for greater security and skin dryness. The soft, cloth-like outer cover is less noisy for improved comfort and dignity. Soft elastic gathers provide a closer fit and the pad can be worn with regular underwear.

Get long-lasting protection for the Unexpected Leak™. Designed for our 2-piece Pad & Pant system, TENA® Day Light Absorbent Pads will keep you or your loved one clean and dry when paired with TENA® Reusable Knit Pants.

24 Pack

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4 in