Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs

  • Unique stretchable side panels provide breathability and a flexible fit
  • Cloth-like exterior with Air-Dry Layer allows air to circulate.
  • Refastenable grip hook closures allows for multiple repositionings.
  • Curved elastics provides a snug fit for enhanced comfort and leakage protection.
  • Absorbency: 16 oz.
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Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs

Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs provide superior protection and now are made with a soft, cloth-like outer cover that is gentle against the skin and less noisy for improved comfort and dignity. New stretchable side panels provide full breathability that promotes skin health and comfort as well as a customizable fit that reduces product gapping and sagging for comfort security and effective leakage control. These briefs protect against moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel incontinence. The Dry-Fast Dual Core quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and increased skin dryness. Wetness indicator signals when brief should be changed. Unique Tena hook closure system provides secure fastening anywhere on the brief for unlimited refastenability.

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36 per package

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions14.25 × 11 × 8.75 in