Kareco Premium Brushed Polyester Washable Reusable Underpad – 34″ x 36″

  • For use with any size mattress
  • Absorbs liquids quickly and locks them in to keep skin dry and protected
  • Brushed polyester surface
  • Highly absorbent non-slip inner layer
  • Anti-bacterial, mildew resistant with odor control
  • Machine Wash and Dry
  • Non-Slip Waterproof Barrier


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Washable Reusable Underpad

Incontinence Care may seem costly. However, incontinence products like washable reusable underpads can save significantly on incontinence care costs. These washable reusable underpads are designed to draw moisture away from the body to prevent skin irritation. Reusable underpads are composed of multiple layers to prevent wetness from spreading to the bed. They feature an absorbent inner layer and non-slip waterproof barrier, with top quality edging. Pads are anti-bacterial and mildew resistant. All pads can be used with any size mattress. Because these reusable underpads are designed to absorb leaks and maintain a dry environment, they also reduce odors which are mostly due to leakage or wetness. These underpads work greatly in protecting furniture from wetness. Either disposable of reusable, washable underpads should always be considered for those individuals who have an incontinence since such a condition can lead to problems such as skin irritations, infections and skin sensitivity. Careway Wellness Center has a variety of underpads to choose from. If necessary, please be sure to browse our incontinence category for other underpads.

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions13 × 11 × 1 in