Spenco Ball-Of-Foot Cushions

  • Comfort/support where needed
  • Minimize stress with light weight cushioning
  • Absorbs shock at ball of foot
  • Durable/washable
  • Ruduces stress&heat build up



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Spenco Ball-Of-Foot Cushions

Experience superior ball-of-foot comfort! Spenco Ball-Of-Foot Cushions¬†minimize stress on your feet with lightweight cushioning. A layer of closed-cell nitrogen-injected material cushions and absorbs shock at the ball of foot, minimizing impact. A specially designed metatarsal arch cookie provides comfort and support where it’s needed most, the ball of foot. Four-way stretch fabric reduces friction and heat build-up that can cause blisters and calluses. Nitrogen-injected material absorbs shock and impact, improving overall foot comfort. -Metatarsal arch cookie is designed to provide extra support to the ball of foot. -Cushion is durable and washable, allowing you to keep it clean. -Polyurethane foam, four-way stretch nylon rubber upper.

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions5 × 3.75 × 1 in

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