Carex 26″ Ultra Grabber

  • Reach to pick up virtually anything
  • Comfort Wrist Strap
  • Push button locks grip
  • Twist and click shaft
  • Non-slip trigger and rubber grabber cups
  • Wrist support for those with weakened strength
  • Locking tab holds item in place for those lacking strength

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26″ Ultra Grabber

The 26″ Ultra Grabber helps users grasp items from hard to reach areas. Objects in the top cabinets of your kitchen, or on the top shelves of a bookcase in the bedroom, are not quite so difficult to grasp if you have the Carex Ultra Grabber. This reacher grabber tool features a 90-degree rotating arm that helps in holding objects from both above and below. The long reach grabber provides good wrist support and makes it possible for you to hold items easily. It also has a locking tab that will keep the object firmly in place and held tightly. Use this item to pick up hard to reach items easily and securely.

Weight.7 lbs
Dimensions29 × 7 × 1 in