Apex 7-Day MediPlanner Pill Organizer

  • Contoured design for easy pill removal
  • See-through lids for easy medication viewing
  • Color coded compartments for up to four times per day medication planning


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7-Day MediPlanner Pill Organizer

Manage your pills with the Apex 7-day MediPlanner pill organizer. It is a four times a day pill organizer, which is perfect for people who need to take medicine after regular intervals. They can sort and organize the medicine based on time and day. The pill organizer has 28 color-coded compartments: seven each in blue, lavender, berry and yellow. The yellow colored compartments have morning written on and can be used to keep your morning pills. The other compartments have the time written on it. For instance, berry could be used for pills taken around noon, blue for evening and lavender bedtime pills. The seven compartments represent each day of the week and you can easily sort your medicines. The weekly pill organizer has a contoured design that makes it convenient for you to store or remove pills.

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Dimensions8.5 × 5.75 × 1.25 in