Carex Enablers Pen and Pencil Cushion

  • Provides comfortable, secure, strain-free grip
  • Great for arthritis sufferers, or those with poor dexterity or weakened grip
  • 2-Pack


Available In-Store only, please call 781-933-2345 for more details

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Pen and Pencil Cushion

These cushions are designed in both shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip. Special design helps to create a larger surface for holding writing utensils. Perfect for those with dexterity issues or weakened grip.

Determine, by holding your pen or pencil, where the cushion should be located. Slide your pen or pencil point into the cushion, stopping at that comfort point. Cushion will stay in place for comfortable writing.

Weight.05 lbs
Dimensions8 × 2 × 1 in